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Crystal Cruises is an American cruise line with headquarters in Los Angeles in the United States. In March 2015, former parent company Nippon Yusen Kaisha (NYK) announced that it was selling Crystal Cruises to Genting Hong Kong (GHK). Since the acquisition, Crystal Cruises has become Crystal, Ltd. The company was founded in 1988 and commenced operations with Crystal Harmony, which was retired from the Crystal fleet in 2005. On March 3, 2015, NYK announced that it was selling Crystal Cruises to GHK, the owner of Star Cruises, and a major shareholder in Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings. The sale price was US$550 million in cash, subject to certain adjustment items.

Very stressful environment especially in the call center of Crystal Cruises Company. There is a lack of proper communication internally, especially with promotions. The call center agents sometimes are the last people to learn about promotions so you feel stupid when a travel agent calls and you have no idea what they talking about. General disorganization with new systems being introduced ever so often before fully integrating the organization's needs. Very low pay for overworked reservation agents. The company was bought by Genting Malaysia and began to move the company to Miami and most recently to Kuala Lumpur which has brought a sense of uncertainty in the Los Angeles Branch. Each department has a feeling that they are next to be relocated, which has caused a stressful work environment. They Implement computer systems before they are ready to go live which in turn causes delays in payments and disrupts day to day operations.


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Former Employee - Customer Service Specialist says

"Incompetent, unethical and dishonest management"

Former Employee - Sales says

"The company grew rapidly under the new ownership the last three or so years. The polite, merit based culture diminished quickly since. Promotions are generally given to those who are loud and brash. Those who get the real work done with care are not noticed. Too many meetings, too much time wasted on unnecessary changes. Longevity is no longer a pillar and some of the executive team talk about employees behind their backs in a most unprofessional manner. At time of writing this the current president is highly focused on new build projects, but doesn't know or greet people making most employees feel like churn and burn numbers instead of humans."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Management sucks, all current reviews are lies, used to be a luxury company, not anymore, due to new headquarter. HR is not your friend"

Current Employee - Manager says

"In the past two years the company has failed on its promises to its employees. Decisions are made either without any or with incorrect analysis of impact on operations that then causes company to scramble to fix issues. New policies and procedures implemented without proper communication to both direct and indirectly affected departments. Typical solution to correct existing issues is to hire new personal instead of proper investigation of processes and admittance of guilt in order to find a proper resolution. Although room for growth, unless you are upper management the majority of the company’s employees are overlooked when new positions are available. Employees are overworked and underappreciated. Leadership is VASTLY different between departments. If you are lucky enough to have good leadership in your own department you still have to interact with the other business units that are unstable."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"New CEO and VP'S over the last two years have destroyed the moral of the company. CEO pushed all the old VP'S out who cared about their employees. Very low pay for industry unless you are one of the new VP's. Only hiring outside of company for any manager positions people that have been with the company for 10 years are being passed over. Treated like a number not a person anymore. HR is the worst!!"

Current Employee - Reservations Agent says

"Edie Rodriguez is the hateful president"


"Used to be a good place to work: felt like family, there was not a lot of staff turnover. The current CEO was named and brokered a sale between parent companies, from NYK to Genting. This initially felt like a positive direction as the company, after having been stagnating for years, was now backed by a parent company who was going to invest and help them grow. There were quite a few announcements of expansion very quickly. Change is always difficult, especially for people who have been in a status quo mode for years. A good leader would usher the team through the changes. Unfortunately, the new CEO is an elitist, condescending tyrant towards the tenured employees. The newly hired Friends of Edie are probably quite happy working at Crystal in Miami since most of them were hired in at positions a step or several steps above their capabilities. For those old school people still working there: leave while you can, she is moving the company to Florida even though she claims she isn't and won't be inviting you to join. The pay is terrible and what used to be a decent cruise benefit to employees now is equally terrible: most clerical staff can barely afford to travel to the ship so cannot take advantage of sailing on vacations."


"they do not care about their people. they are cold and not nice the coo is only out for herself and she is bringing all he friend in to run the place"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"1. The head woman in HR is a true nightmarish and disgusting person. I've never been around someone who, even when offering me the job, showed complete obvious blatant distaste for me. 2. The pay was absurdly low, much lower than even standard Hollywood agency salaries, which is saying a lot. 3. The work environment (mostly due to the staff) is surprisingly sterile, offputting, and unwelcoming. 4. The work is mundane, super easy, and I was advised to work more slowly and admonished for getting my work done too quickly and efficiently. I could go on and on about this company, but if I got into too much detail my identity would be obvious and I don't trust the HR department not to try to start something. I guess in summary: I have worked many jobs throughout and post-school and this is the only where I wasn't appreciated and constantly uncomfortable with both the environment and coworkers, and would strongly advise against accepting a job with Crystal Cruises - even if you are in dire need of money or employment."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Low/ noncompetitive pay, very low company morale, high job expectations, no support, no trust in management, no one takes responsibility for mistakes, everyone is unhappy"

Corporate Travel Consultant (Former Employee) says

"The company used to be more upscale, now under new management and my moving the company to Miami, nothing upscale bout them. most of the former employees are leaving.great co-workerseverything else"

Director (Former Employee) says

"Crystal Cruises has great potential to be an excellent company to work for. However many, not some, of the Vice Presidents are incompetent and not prepared for the growth. The HR division very weak and covers up the incompetence. The issues are more prominent in the consumer facing departments, marketing and operations. Unless there is a major change of management I would not recommend to work for Crystal"

Marketing (Former Employee) says

"This used to be a great company. Now the Chinese new management took over and too many things have changed. Starting with management, which only brought all their friend from other cruise lines and not helping young talent grow.great productlow salaries"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Upper Management had a considerable lack of training. When Employees were injured consistently no suggestions were taken when the entire department knew how to stop the injuries. If you went to Corporate to seek additional help the Management onboard punished you. No way to advance. Obvious "boys club" in Upper Management. I felt they purposely do not advance women in this company. Food for employees is lacking and the internet is almost $7 an hour for employees but free for guests and free for all Upper Management. The ones asked to pay are the Employees making the least salary and are away from their families the longest. This price gouging directed at employees is a clear representation of how they treat their own. Positives: competitive wage and contract lengths. Decent room sizes and great itineraries. The back smoking deck for employees is very nice and the crew is excellent. If they had all Upper Management attend some basic management courses it would serve the company well and add some consistency in the way employees are handled."

Wine server (Former Employee) says

"Was unable to join the ship due to problem with flight, so I joined 2 days later. Seemed to me that they blamed me and were not helpful in welcoming new staff. No training and selfish team members unfortunately. Hard work expected but never any thanks. Left due to a mutual decision with a poor impression of a quality productCrew BarLong Hours, creepy management"

Freelance Crystal Crystal Cruise Lines. (Former Employee) says

"Company undergoing massive changes for years now. Lost it's elevated status in the process and most jobs are going to lowest bidder. Staff is tremendously stressed."

Cabin Stewardess (Former Employee) says

"Work is really hard, not the best management . Great place to meet people and travel.Unreal expectations for Low salary. Not enough training or support from the accomodation and food, travelingLong hours, hard work, low salary"

3rd Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Normal working environment. a lot of pressure since the ship was old. since we have trouble getting our spare parts we have trouble doing our job replacing the broken parts.Free food and accomodations, free flihgt sign on and off.Away from your family and loved ones"

Coordinator (Current Employee) says

"High demand of case work to be completed, not enough time in a days work to have it done. Best part of the day is when you know you have made a guest and or travel agent happy and have made the process smooth."

Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"Decent place I would love to work at. Crystal once more but the management needs to get bent and not promise things they cannot come to action with but they are ok ."

Director of Guest Digital Experience program (Contract Work) says

"People at work are nice and inclusive, but the main concern is to preserve the current business model and practices and there is very little space for innovation or forward-thinking. Considering their model rely 100% on a short time decaying population they should take the role of reinvention and progress more seriously. Still a mom and pop shop in terms of management maturity level. It makes it particularly unstable and easy to disrupt and break."

Sr. Digital Designer (Former Employee) says

"Depend on the team you belong, depends of your dynamic at work. Theres too many woman working together that makes it kind of challenging and personal perceptions. No much cooperation and presence or hierarchy and politics.great brand, beautiful industry. Friendly staffYou need to be lucky with the team you work"

Executive Assistant (Contract) says

"My typical day of work included scheduling and coordinated VP of Operations multi-dimensional calendar and team meetings, answered and prioritized VP of Operations emails and incoming calls, developed and implemented new training manual for employee use company wide, performed data entry and categorized all customer surveys to promote superior experiences for future cruise line guest. The hardest part was learning all of their software and the most enjoyable part was everyone I worked with was nice and helpful."

Inside Sales Support Agent (Current Employee) says

"A typical day revolves around, answering phones, assists DSM with clients, admin. work. And staying active with travel agents and their bookings."

Waiter/senior waiter, Assistant Restaurant Manager and sommelier (Former Employee) says

"I had to do cash-ups, stock take, training of new staff, building a team with a positive – go get it attitude. I had to make sure that food cost and labour cost were kept to a minimum in order to maintain the company’s well-being and profitability. I had to lead teams and get them working together, striving for excellence and to be the best food and beverage restaurant around. have been Sommelier and Assistant Restaurant manager on Crystal Cruises Luxury River boats, expanding the fleet and opening of new boats. . I Organised staff in appropriate sections according to strengths, helped organize functions. I had to do financial paperwork daily, month-end paperwork and I had to send through employee’s hours for payroll which all required dedication and had deadlines. As a sommelier for Crystal Cruises I was required to sell high end wines, up to the value of $4500 per bottle."

Hourly Associate (Former Employee) says

"Bad decisions and no proper training make for a bad company structure. Bad decisions have led to financial crises and below average pay. Not enough staff to get the jobs done properly. Many executives and not enough trained people on the front lines. Many unilateral decisions and no business model.Cruise discountsFinancially unstable, raises are scarce and barely earn over minimum wage"

assistant pastry chef (Current Employee) says

"intensive work load,and to the highest level of quality of work,management is fair,.and nice work environtment with full equipment to the job done,some crew activies to make good teambuilding program,."

Senior Developer/Analyst (Former Employee) says

"The supervisor was always listening to hearsay and would evaluate accordingly. The position was a 'bait and switch' . Four years later they decided to terminate the in-house application for a outside vednor."


"The company is a great company to work for. My position is very interesting; everyday is never the same. You work and advocate for guests regarding any issues they may have had during their cruise. You investigate and work to make the guests happy and the company happy.Great coworkersHeavy workloads and short deadlines"

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